Omega HealthcareHUNTS VALLEY, MD — Omega Healthcare Investors Inc. executive Steven Insoft, the head of corporate development for the Hunts Valley-based health care REIT, sold $2.98 million in shares on Tuesday, according to a filing from the Securities and Exchange Commission

The 87,500 sold shares were equal to 20.6 percent of the common stock shares Insoft owned in 2016, according to the company’s most recent report on executive compensation. He still owns more than 320,000 common stock shares in the firm.

He filed the transactions Thursday, minutes after the stock market closed early in observance of Good Friday.

The last time Insoft sold company shares was mid-March, disposing of roughly $387,000 in shares. The most recent company stock transaction from a company leader came from Edward Lowenthal, a director, who sold 637 shares in March, just 1.5 percent of his common stock stake, worth $19,900.

The transaction occurs weeks within the release of Omega’s financial report for the first quarter ended March 31. Analysts expect quarterly earnings of 51 cents per share, compared to earnings of 29 cents per share during the same quarter last year and 63 cents per share during the most recent quarter.

Also on Thursday, Omega announced a common stock dividend of 63 cents, up 1 cent from last quarter. It is its 19th consecutive dividend increase.

The company’s stock price fell Thursday to $34.06, down 0.1 percent from Wednesday, and up 10.4 percent over the month.

This story is from the Maryland Business News Wire, a service of the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Media and Journalism